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Fiber Optic Patch Cord Cable SC/LC/FC/ST Specifications

Product Introduction

Single-mode and multimode SC fiber optic patch cables, SC-LC, SC-ST, SC-FC, SC-MU, SC-MTRJ, SC-E2000, 9/125μm, 50/125μm, 62.5/125μm, SM, MM, simplex, duplex, UPC, APC, PC. Customized design cables are available.

The SC fiber optic patch cord is one of the earliest type and one of the most commonly used fiber optic cable, it is convenient to use and cost saving, It is the most cheapest type fiber optic patch cable. SC fiber patch is widely used in fiber optic networks. SC fiber patch cable is with zirconia sleeve and plastic housing.

Product Features

Compliant with international standard such as ANSI, Bellcore, TLA/EIA, IEC, also according with the industrial standards of Telecom in India Realize the active link of optic fiber transmission Low insertion loss and high return loss Excellent repeatability and interchangeability.

Model No Fiber Optical Patch Cord
Fiber Type SM (G652 / G657A1 / G657A2 ) MM (OM1 / OM2 / OM3 / OM4)
Cable Assemblies Simplex / Duplex
Jacket Material PVC / LSZH
Cable Diameter (mm) 2.0 / 3.0 / 0.9
Connector Type SC /LC /FC /ST
End Face UPC / APC
Working Wavelength (mm) 1310/1550 850/1300
Insertion Loss (dB) 0.3dB (MAX) 0.2dB (Typical) 0.3dB (Max) 0.2dB (Typical)
Return Loss (dB) UPC 55dB 35dB
Exchangeability 0.2dB
Operating Temperature (c) 0.2dB
Storage Temperature (c) -40 ~ 85

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